Wedding Cake Decorations With Lollipop

Wedding Cake Decorations With Lollipop - In addition to a beautiful wedding dress, the wedding cake decorations often become the spotlight during the wedding. Its presence adds to the beauty of your wedding reception.
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Not only fashion, the wedding cakes always change every season. Now, the wedding cake design is more unique and interesting. The cake is coated with candy of various shapes and colors. You can choose the candy with bright colors, such as yellow, red, orange, purple, and so on. Choose the candy which has round shape like lollipop with a variety of sizes.

Wedding Cake Decorations

The new kind of wedding cake decorations that are no less unique and interesting namely Wedding Cake Pops. The cake is made using the lollipop stick and then wrapped with using brown color. Wedding Cake Pops can be created in a variety of forms, ranging from the simplest forms such as round, square or triangular. It can also be formed to resemble objects that are commonly encountered such as flowers, doll, ice cream, into a figure of cartoon characters and a variety of funny animals. To decorate the Wedding Cake Pops can use royal icing, fondant, sprinkles of candy with a variety of attractive colors.

Wedding Cake Pops

Wedding Cake Pops is created supposedly from leftover cake, which is unused. The chefs at pastry shops in the US are often confused to process the remaining pieces of cake when finished decorating. It is too good to be discarded even though just pieces of cake that it is not used anymore. Finally, there is an idea to utilize the trimming cake by mixing it together with the cheese filling or frosting chocolate a butter. Crushed pieces of cake together with all ingredients until smooth. Then, form roundly and dip in melted white chocolate. The chef decorates the cake pops with a variety of colorful frosting and drove it in a styrofoam. It’s already to be your wedding cake decorations with lollipop.

Wedding Cake with Lollipop Gallery

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